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Saving Justice

Well, what is there to say! It’s published 🙂 Scroll down for some reviews!

As for book charts, it’s currently the #1 ‘bestseller’ on Apple UK in the ‘Law’ category (Top Free Books) and #1 bestseller on Amazon UK in both ‘Civil Rights and Liberties’ and ‘Perspectives on Law’ categories (screen grabs below). Not bad hey!

If you’re curious how 57 other bloggers and myself got Saving Justice off the ground, you can find out here

Oh, if you download it from anywhere PLEASE rate it! This helps it show in searches and so on and helps us get it out there

Saving Justice from the Apple iBookstore

Either click here or on the Apple image in the sidebar to the right – you can get it for free! Please rate it on iTunes too!

Saving Justice from the Amazon UK book store

Is available here or by clicking the Amazon image on the right. As of 27 April it’s FREE on Amazon UK

Saving Justice – the original files

You can download the original files below for free too if you want to put it on an Android device or whatever other gadget you’re using

Download Saving Justice (epub) file

Download Saving Justice (mobi) file

For info, this really good post shows you how to put either the epub or mobi version (download links above) onto devices such as Android, e-ink Kindle, Kindle IOS app, Kobo e-ink reader, Kobo tablet or a Nook. For anyone who wonders what all this means, it’s not complicated. An epub is a type of electronic file (just like a Word document or a PDF is) and is the format Apple uses for its ebooks. A mobi file is much the same thing, but the format Amazon’s Kindle and some other types of devices use

Read Saving Justice in your browser

You can also read the mobi or epub versions of Saving Justice in your browser easily, using plugins such as Readium for Chrome, EPUBReader for Firefox or OverDrive Read, which seems to allow you to read them on anything, whether a device or browser! These are just a few that I found – you may find much better ones! Feel free to post any tips in the comments

If you can help share the book then please do so and big thanks in advance!


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A couple of pics from Apple and Amazon – as at 22 April

Apple Store UK:


Amazon UK Store:


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