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BAILII RSS Search is now a site feature

Those who follow this blog will know that I have been ‘stalking’ BAILII for about a year now, ever since creating the @BAILII Twitter account and then taking over and automating the Support BAILII Facebook Page. More recently, you will also know about me doing a little unofficial collaboration with them in respect of getting RSS feeds from searches conducted on the BAILII site. The purpose being to offer a way of not only being able to access BAILII content through existing RSS feeds differentiated by court type, but also by term eg a feed of cases involving “defamation” or “environmental information regulations”, for example. In fact, an RSS feed of cases specific to absolutely any search term you care to search for

I am now pleased to announce that after an ongoing testing phase that was exclusive to readers of this blog and a few other Twitter compadres, and since I wrote the last blog post, the feature has now been formalised and incorporated into the main BAILII website on its home page. From now on any search you undertake on BAILII will offer you the opportunity to generate an RSS feed directly from that search. Feeds can then be included in your feed reader of choice, or used in whatever other way you see fit eg to update your blog or website

Personally, I think this is an excellent addition by the great BAILII – and great work by Roger Bell_West, their Systems Administrator/Developer – who I liaised with. It can only be of benefit to those who use BAILII already and is another small step towards making the law accessible and useable in a modern practical sense (think RSS feeds on smart-phones, for example – there’s an app for that)

BAILII has asked me to pass on its thanks to those of you who gave feedback so, I think that deserves a special shout out – with my own personal thanks added – to Lucy Series, Judith Townend, Jonathan Baines, Nick Holmes, Paul Skowron and Colin Yeo for their valuable input. Apologies if I missed anyone who also contacted me with feedback

And for the record, despite setting up and running the unofficial BAILII branded social media accounts I don’t work for BAILII and nor have I ever been paid by BAILII. It’s simply that BAILII’s work and my own interests coincide from time to time and something especially useful came of this particular link up

Thanks again to those that helped out and I hope you find the new BAILII feature useful. Well done BAILII

2 comments on “BAILII RSS Search is now a site feature

  1. vince ward
    June 28, 2013

    Well done


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