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Save UK Justice… The Soundtrack

I wrote about embedding objects into posts the other day whilst embedding an interactive jigsaw as an example. The same principle can be used for games and other interactive objects. This time round I’ve incorporated a Grooveshark playlist. I don’t presume to set the soundtrack to the Save UK Justice campaign but, even though this is a thrown together playlist for the purposes of this blog, there might be the odd track that might make your list!

If you think there’s a glaring omission let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in!

And, for the ‘non-legal’ people reading this please do me a big favour and sign this petition. It’s important! If you want to know why then have a read through some of the excellent (and amusing in some cases) blogs about what the government is up to


1. Open a Grooveshark account and create a playlist. Alternatively, you can just embed a single song by making a little tweak – see below

2. When you’ve finished with your playlist (ordering it and what-have-you), click on the Share button and select the Embed option

3. This gives you the embed code you need – copy and paste it into a text editor

4. You need this bit of the code, the bit between these two parameters: “flashvars” value=“YOU NEED THIS BIT” /><span>. Delete all the rest of the code, both before and after it

5. Copy and paste the code below into a text editor and then paste in what you were left with in step 4, where indicated:

view raw
hosted with ❤ by GitHub

6. Then paste the whole thing into your post and you should be good to go

You can adjust the size of the player by playing around with the size height/width variables in the code. Also, if all you want in your blog post is a song, not a playlist, then follow the instructions above to get your embed code from Grooveshark, dig out the piece of code you need in just the same as if it were a playlist but then, when at Step 5 above, in the final code where it says widget.swf change this to songWidget.swf. This should also work for embedding a music player into a widget in your blog sidebar – I might give it a go later tonight

Thanks to Panos, who worked all this out!

Don’t forget to sign the petition!

3 comments on “Save UK Justice… The Soundtrack

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  2. Amazing you have a SaveUKJustice soundtrack. On a Probation Service note (I am a Probation Officer), there’s also a SaveProbation Video against Grayling’s plans. This is just the type of innovation needed to keep Grayling on the run! The SaveUKJustice petition has passed 100,000 and we are trying to get the SaveProbation Petition there too (any help will be much appreciated).


    • ilegal
      July 4, 2013

      Thanks and good luck! I’ll plug wherever I can. I note that the petition has attracted the usual PR irrelevancy from the MoJ. It amuses me that the epetitions site suggests you ‘earn’ a response when you reach 10k signatures. It strikes me it is more likely this is only true in the sense that they sit up and begin to take you seriously as a potential threat


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