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A Left Bank for The Digital Age


What I’m trying to do

I’ve been opening ilegal up to other select websites, bloggers and groups so they can showcase and share their work with new and expanding audiences in their own dedicated areas. I’m focussing on sites that promote social justice in some way shape or form or, are just plain interesting!

As well as allowing these external sites/blogs to tap directly into all the traffic ilegal receives each day, it’s a real step towards encouraging a varied information-rich community of thinkers, activists, campaigners and artists, easily accessible to people who browse the web

It’s only just started but you can have a look at how it’s shaping up here

In a nutshell, each website, blog or group that participates has its own space on ilegal that has control over, including over what content is shared and how the area is moderated. Areas are set up for you and, to whatever specification you wish

One way to visualise it would be to consider it as setting out a market stall or an ‘outreach’ on ilegal. As well as your own blog or website you would now have an additional means of sharing your content, engaging new readers/converts and attracting traffic back to your original site. Alternatively, and more in keeping with my title, think of yourself as a Matisse, or a Rimbaud or a Picasso, sharing space with Sartre and Hemmingway. Whatever floats your boat!

Isn’t it just like having a blog roll or ‘recommended sites’ list?

No. This isn’t a static space or a list. Each area within The Left Bank is active and will thrive according to the quality of its content and frequency of posting

Isn’t it just like having guest blogs or articles?

Absolutely not. The Left Bank is about devolving ownership of that section of ilegal to you – it’s your area, you run it and will develop it however you want it to. It’s about creating a varied community, co-existing and showing their work together and to each other’s readership and to the wider ilegal user-base. Playing to all our strengths. Helping and supporting each other, you know the kind of thing!

How it would typically work

  • You write and post your piece on your own website or blog as you would normally do
  • You then copy and paste the piece into a new post in your area in The Left Bank
  • You provide a link at the end of the piece back to your own website/blog for those who like your content to follow so they can find out more about you
  • Your post on ilegal is circulated via the ilegal social media accounts too, bringing in even more traffic to your content

If you’re interested in getting involved, get in touch! I hope you can see where I’m coming from and the possibilities The Left Bank presents. It’s early days yet – I have some interesting ideas how it can be developed and have already received some great suggestions of possible emergent properties down the line. I’ll see how we get on and then write those up too

All for one and one for all!

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