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Your Tweet Archive is Ready

Twitter began rolling out the ability to download and search your tweet archive some time ago. If you want to know whether your account is enabled then log in > Settings > scroll down

You’ll see the archive button:Request your archive button

Hit the request button. Twitter confirms it has received your request and that you will receive an email with a link on how to download your archive when it’s ready

I requested the archive for @BAILII and it took only a couple of minutes to arrive

Here’s the email:

Your archive is ready email

Follow the link. Your archive is ready:

Archive read

The file you download is a ZIP file (compressed for ease of downloading), that you’ll need to extract

File structure of the archive:

Have a read of the README.txt file and then it’s the index.html file you want. Clicking this opens your browser and then the fun begins. You can search your tweets by keyword, explore any month you like going all the way back to when you first started out on Twitter. It’s pretty interesting and, a reasonably nice but basic layout

Back to BAILII:

OK, that’s the boring bit out of the way. What is probably more interesting is that I’m going to put @BAILII‘s archive online today, and give you full access to it. This will allow you to have a look and a play around

All in all, the Twitter archive raises some very interesting possibilities. It’s given me a couple of ideas too. I’ll be back with you shortly…

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