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You probably heard earlier this year about iPhones apparently containing some kind of tracking element so that everywhere you’ve been with that iPhone was stored on the device’s drive and then uploaded onto your computer and then, shock, to Apple

Well, Apple released a software update that limited the effectiveness of the tracker – basically curtailing how much information it stored. Before updating my ‘phone however, I downloaded all the location information it had been storing with something else freely available on the web, and here it is in the picture. This is about 18 months of travel. Little dots show probably where I’ve been perhaps once, larger and darker dots, where I’ve visited multiple times

The vast majority of the dots are work related and it’s clear which routes around the country I use the most – where they are most concentrated. It surprised me, to be honest. But I also thought it was quite interesting and it does show how bloody much travelling I have to do around this fair land of ours visiting clients

By the way, this is my first ever blog post. Ever. Well, if you ignore the thousands of posts I’ve put on ilegal, my forum; but, I have decided for now that they don’t count as it’s quite a different environment (although I will come back to this at a later point as it – blogging – isn’t anywhere near as clear cut as many suggest, at least to my mind)

Either way, I’ve been meaning to write something about something for ages in my own personal space but kept hitting a wall. So, I decided to just do something, however irrelevant, to break through that wall. Hopefully, in time, I might now begin writing here properly and explore some of the issues that both niggle and amuse me

We shall see….


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